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April 22, 2005:

Mesopotamia Art Gallery grand opening, on that day the senior art director Amer Fatuhi awarded the businessman Tarik Daoud a special award for continuous support for the Iraqi artists.

July 6, 2005:

Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce and the Chaldean newspaper staff paid a visit to Mesopotamia Art Gallery and they were toured by the senior art director (Amer Hanna Fatuhi).

October 12, 2005:

Dr. Hikmat Hakim (the Chaldean Representative for the Iraqi government) visited Mesopotamia Art Gallery along with members from the Chaldean Democratic Forum and the Iraqi Democratic Party and met with members from the International Chaldean Association of Professional Visual Artists.
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November 4, 2005:

The Shenandoah Country Club held an Iraqi cultural night for a group of visual artists, writers, and poets. Mesopotamia Art Gallery was the major participant in that event in both fields of art and book presentations.

April 13, 2006:

Al-Hurra Iraqi Satellite TV visited Mesopotamia Art Gallery and interviewed the senior art director Amer Hanna Fatuhi and the art directors Lavon Ammori and Mark George. They also aired a program twice about the gallery for the Iraqi audience.
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May 4, 2006:

Mesopotamia Art Gallery held a presentation about the Babylon Museum of Native Iraqis (Chaldeans and Jewish of Babylon). The presentation was conducted by the visual artist and historian Amer Hanna Fatuhi.

July 6, 2006:

The Japanese TV station covered the art show entitled "Iraq...That we know best!", the TV station also covered the major event of that night ( the Award Ceremony of Dr. David Ayoub) who was awarded the highest level of appreciation for his strong support of Mesopotamia Art Gallery and the Iraqi people in general. The TV station also interviewed the American businessman and chairman of K.A.R, Mr. Robert Gordon.
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July 27, 2006:

Upon the closing of the exhibition, entitled "Iraq...That we know best!", Mr. Amer Fatuhi, the senior art director, awarded Mr. Tarik Daoud (Owner and Chairman of Al-long Ford) the gallery Certificate of Award for his gracious sponsorship. During that same event, Dr. David Ayoub was awarded too for his continuous financial support.
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August 25, 2006:

Mesopotamia Art Gallery held a live concert with a special guest. The concert was performed by the singers Stephanie Angeline, Kristen Shankleton, Angie Potter, and Stephanie Newman.

September 9, 2006:

Mesopotamia Art Gallery sponsored BO Studio for the Art of Stamps and the Chaldean flag gift shop during the Chaldean National Festival (an annual festival).

October 1, 2006:

The president of Mesopotamia Art Gallery, Amer Fatuhi awarded, in a special ceremony, the visual artist and writer, Ms. Lavon Ammori, the 2006 Award of Excellence for her managing efforts in running the art and cultural events of the gallery, along with improving shows, marketing and sales.
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January 13-17, 2007:

A special Iraqi art and musical heritage event here demonstrated that despite the ongoing violence in Iraq, Americans and Iraqis share a love for the ancient culture of Babylon.
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May 18, 2007:

Dr. David Ayoubs Speech: The May 18th closing ceremony of (The Many Colors of IRAQ) art exhibit was one of M.A.Gs most successful shows. On that day, Dr. David Ayoub, the president of the Iraqi American House, delivered a promising speech in regards to enriching the collaboration between the two cultural institutions.

June 3, 2007:

IAA & F.V.W.Ps Meeting: On June 3rd, 2007 an important meeting between Mrs. Weam Namou-Yatooma, the president of the Iraqi Artists Association IAA, and Ms. Nidhal Garmo, the president of (For Victims of War & Poverty), was held at Mesopotamia Gallery to help the humanitarian causes in Iraq and other countries in need. This meeting was hosted by Artist Amer Fatuhi, the senior Art Director of M.A.G..

July 31, 2007:

Supporting the Layla Exhibit:
The staff of Mesopotamia Art Gallery offered their (volunteer) time and expertise to help in assuring the success of the art exhibit entitled (Layla An Iraqi Candle in the Night).
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August 22, 2007:

Receiving the IAA meeting: The Iraqi Artists Association (IAA) held its first general meeting on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007 at the gallery, and it was a great beginning for an aspiring organization. Mesopotamia Art gallery in Ferndale, MI offered the IAA an office, as well as a showroom at its two story building to be IAAs temporary Head Quarters.
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