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A Life Time Amusing Trip!

The founders of the Mesoptamia Learning Studio & Art Gallery (which was established lately) are promptly holding it's inaugural exhibition on the occasion of AKITU, the Chaldean New Year 7305K to display contemporary and classical works of Mesopotamian (Native Iraqi) visual arts in the areas of Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Raku, Ceramic, Carving on Glass and Copper Engraving. ..... Read more More

The Freedom To Create

It's a far cry from being forced to immortalize Saddam Hussein in murals all over Iraq. When the Baath Party approached Amer Fatuhi, a well-established Iraqi artist, to paint portraits of the former Iraqi leader, he refused. He said he simply could not accept "blood money". ..... Read more More

The CHRISTMAS Remarkable Art Exhibition

On the occasion of Christmas and the New Year "2006", Mesopotamia Learning Studio and Art Gallery celebrated the Chaldean Heritage through a number of Classic, Modern, and Contemporary Art works by the Gallery Professional Visual Artists and their Iraqi and American colleagues. ..... Read more More

A Shared Humanity

Chaldean art graced the "Iraq . . . That We Know Best" exhibition at the Mesopotamia Learning Studio and Art Gallery in Ferndale last month. ..... Read more More

About the Exhibition: Iraq That We Know Best!

On June 23, 2006 MESOPOTAMIA ART GALLERY held its latest show entitled "Iraq...That We Know Best!", an art exhibit that makes you sense Iraq's heartbeat. This unique art exhibition was adorned with art works by professional Iraqi artists, among them professional Chaldeans i.e. "native Iraqis". ..... Read more More

The Many Colors of IRAQ

What is the realty nowadays in Iraq and who really are the Iraqi people, these two questions can be answered through various ways, one of which is the power of art. Throughout human history art has been the true mirror of all nations. That is still the case today, and it will continue to be so in the future. ..... Read more More

Enduring Spirit

On Saturday, September 15, 2007, my husband and I attended an art exhibit entitled “ENDURING SPIRIT” which was led by artists Amer Hanna Fatuhi (Art Exhibit Supervisor) and Lavon Ammori (Art Exhibit Organizer). It was held at MONA, the Museum of New Art, an intriguing gallery located in Pontiac, MI. ..... Read more More