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The CHRISTMAS Remarkable Art Exhibition

Mesopotamia .. Art, History & Beyond

Paintings, Sculptures, Ceramics,
Graphics & Mesopotamian Authentic and Re-Created Replicas

On the occasion of Christmas and the New Year "2006", Mesopotamia Learning Studio and Art Gallery celebrated the Chaldean Heritage through a number of Classic, Modern, and Contemporary Art works by the Gallery Professional Visual Artists and their Iraqi and American colleagues.

The art exhibition carried on from December 15th through December 30th, 2005.

On That Joyful Occasion

Everybody LIVED the ART with

The Pioneer Artist ISSA Hanna Dabish, AMER Hanna Fatuhi, BURHAN Kirkukly, Dr. ALAA K. Hermiz, LINDA Rhoads, MARK George, MASAOOD Yaldo, MAZIN Elia, M. Muhr Al-Dine, PAUL Batou, QAIS Issa Al-Sindy, ROCHE Binyamen, Dr. SULAFA Roumayah, SAM Selou, and Dr. WISSAM Marqus.

As well as a unique designs made by Bassel Odish the owner of the BO Studio for the Art of Stamps www.bostudio4arts.com.

Gracious Sponsors & Supporting Media: Chaldean Flag Official website www.chaldeanflag.com, the International Chaldean Association of Professional Visual Artist ICA, Dr. David Ayoub of Michigan Community Finnacial Services, Mr. Tarik Daoud of Al-long Ford, LGX your Professional Telephone Company, Middle-East Media, Naman Printing & Publishing House, Sun of Freedom paper, Mid-East Detroit paper, and Iraqi Chaldean American TV.

12/14/05 Art Exhibition