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Mesopotamia Art Directors


Amer Hanna Fatuhi

Painter, Commercial Designer, Art critic, and Scholar in ancient Mesopotamia
"Art & History"
* Master's Degree Candidate, M.F.A. Studied visual art academically at the Free Studio UT 1975-1978 Continued academically researching the Mesopotamian History at the Iraqi Museum, Cuneiform Laboratory 1978-1979 and practicing Visual Arts at College of Fine Arts / painting 1979-1983 High Center of Fine Arts and Heritage/ Major in Mesopotamian Arts and History 1979-1981 He has also majored in Aeronautic Engineering, University of Technology 1978
* Many collective art exhibits in homeland & abroad since 1978
* Four Solo Show (Hard Time 1981), (Home of Madness 1985), (The Chamber 1992), (Looking For Another Paradise 1994)
* Two-man exhibition (Siege) with Burhan Saleh Kirkukly, The Modern Arts Museum- Baghdad 1992
* Many Awards and Certificates of Appreciation
* Founder of OFOQ / Horizon Art Group 1986 & ICA art Org. 1999
* Designer of many well known Emblems, Logos & flags among them the international Chaldean Flag 1985 (www.chaldeanflag.com) and The National Iraqi Flag 1986/2004
* Art Director, Dimensions Art Gallery, US 1999-2000
* Head of the Visual arts & Designing Department, Funoon (Arts) Magazine, Baghdad-Iraq Sept.1981- May 1984
* Founder of the (National Chaldean Museum of Babylonia) Detroit, USA 2002 / Babylon Museum 2006.
* Member of ArtServe Michigan USA
* Member of International Professional Association of Professional Artists (iaa) Paris 1986
* Member of International Chaldean Association of Professional Visual Artists / ICA-USA
* Member of Iraqi Writers Union, Art Critic & Historian 1984
* Member of Iraqi Visual Artists Society 1978
* Member of Chaldean / Syriac Artists Society 1976
* President of Chaldean Cultural Center of America www.chaldean4u.org
* Currently, Senior Art Director, Mesopotamia "Learning Studio & Art Gallery", US 05- Present


Lavon Ammori

Painter - Writer & Art Director
Lavon Ammori is a first generation Chaldean-American living in the Metro-Detroit area. She earned a Bachelors in English Literature and Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor with several honors including a Heers Memorial Scholarship Prize. She is a painter and printmaker, having shown work in local exhibits and interned at Exit Art, a non-profit contemporary art gallery in New York City.
* Member of ICA
* Member of Artserve Michigan
* Member of CCCA / CECA
* Currently, Art Director, Mesopotamia "Learning Studio & Art Gallery", US 05- Present