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A Life Time Amusing Trip!

Mesopotamia .. Art, History & Beyond

The founders of the Mesoptamia Learning Studio & Art Gallery (which was established lately) are promptly holding it's inaugural exhibition on the occasion of AKITU, the Chaldean New Year 7305K to display contemporary and classical works of Mesopotamian (Native Iraqi) visual arts in the areas of Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Raku, Ceramic, Carving on Glass and Copper Engraving.

This stylishly designed gallery, located on Livernoise between eight and nine mile Rd. occupies the first floor at the building previously housing TV Orient. For the above purpose, a committee of three well-known professional Chaldean artists has been formed to choose the art works. It was headed by the Babylonian (Chaldean/syriac) visual artist and historian (Amer Hanna Fatuhi), a member of the International Association of Professional Artists in Paris iaa. The other two directors were the well-known artist Masaood Yaldo and the master of carving on glass, the artist Mark George.

A number of art works of distinguished artists, has been chosen. Besides, the other works consecutively arriving from Iraq, Holland, France, Germany and Canada as well as the works of professional artists residing in America.

The participant artists were: Issa Hanna Dabish, Amer Hanna Fatuhi, Mark George, Masaood Yaldo, Mazin Elia, Qais Al-Sindy, and Dr. Wissam Marqus.

* This event was sponsored by: www.chaldeanflag.com / The International Chaldean Association of Professional Visual Artists / Al-Long Ford / ICA TV / ACN TV / Middel-East Radio.

* The Show continued through June 30th, 2005.

4/22/05 Art Exhibition