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Tel: 248-582-9088
E-mail: mesopotamia4u@aol.com

Mesopotamia .. Learning Studio & Art Gallery

After an extensive study, it became quite certain to us that Native Iraqis (Chaldean/ Syriac & Jews of Iraq) community, are in an indispensable need of such an innovative art gallery such as Mesopotamia (Learning Studio & Art Gallery).

Hence, on one hand, founding a gallery with high qualities exemplified by (Mesopotamia) would inevitably substantiate our distinguished cultural identity. On the other hand, it could be a significant source for furnishing our houses, offices, social, recreational and cultural centers with art works, Replicas, and Chaldean Flag in different sizes. Thus, would not it be so lovely when an American visitor enters our house or work place and gets fascinated by an original and highly rated art work!

He would then figure out that we are not merely businessmen but rather the originators of a sophisticated civilization, more specifically the pioneers of human culture by virtue of being the people who taught humanity the most significant basics known by refined societies. For that reason, Mesopotamia is called (Land of Firsts).

The notion of our (Learning Studio and Art Gallery) is to embrace high profile Chaldean & Non-Chaldean Iraqi artists. In addition to that, there are several other services offered by (Mesopotamia ... Art, History & Beyond) to both the community and the American collectors, such as Art Classes and Workshops, Consulting Services that have to do with Mesopotamian History, along with a special section to renew art works and preserve damaged art works and antiquities. The major show rooms are run by the historian and international Chaldean artistes (Amer Hanna Fatuhi) and the prominent artist and writer (Lavon Ammori). The compound also includes the (Chaldean gift-corner) that is devoted to selling gifts and unique memorabilia for all national Chaldean occasions.

Hoping that, the modern visual art lovers and those who relish our Mesopotamian heritage and folklore will find in Mesopotamia .. Learning Studio & Art Gallery a center of attraction for an amusing tour and an opportunity to own magnificent modern and contemporary art works, along with amazing Mesopotamian replicas, or give rare gifts to people they care for.

Finally, we cordially welcome you all. If you would like to have fun viewing historic, modern, and contemporary art displays or to sign up in the adult Art Classes from 5:30-7:30 p.m., Kindly call us at (248)-582-9088 from 2:30 -7:30 p.m. or simply e-mail us @: mesopotamia4u@aol.com

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